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Ukiyo-e (waterworld)
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Mega-cities (Tokyo)

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Matthew Silverberg

Professional Experience dot Artist (continued)

Project Synopses

Mega-cities 2004–2018

A multimedia/mixed media project, output to a variety of media

OverviewI studied mega-cities in graduate school. These urban regions of over 10 million people, continue to grow. I am interested in multimedia projects for four of them: Tokyo (Hikikomori/movies); Istanbul (Byzantine/ drawings); Mexico City (Xochimilco/ukiyo-e-like objects); and New York City (Gotham/skeins like objects). I have completed drafts for Tokyo and Istanbul. I am working on new mixed media series for New York (“skein”-wrapped Megalopolis-objects and buildings), and Mexico City (“water” scenarios variants for Xochimilco, the great canal-city of the Aztecs.

dot exhibition history Elements have been shown since 2004.

Mega-cities: Hikikomori/Tohaido/Tokyo 2004–2008
Mega-cities: Byzantine/Marmara/Istanbul 2008–2010

Figures and Relics 1998–2018

Paintings on paper (acrylic) and canvas (oil)—see Portfolio pages

OverviewI have been painting varieties of the same set of family heirlooms for nearly 25 years. Like Morandi or Cezanne or Matisse, I never grow tired of exploring these still-lifes. They are arranged as interiors with elements including: “relics” (Mexican, Indian, Amer-Indian); flower arrangements, culinary-related paraphernalia, and lamps or other light sources.

The group of five to ten recurrent objects are stand-ins for family members and friends. They are grouped in ways that reflect experiments in learning how to paint and draw, over the years.

dot exhibition historyFigures and Relics (various permutations) have been shown many times since 2001. These have included shows at the SFMOMA Artists Gallery (small group shows in 2003, and 2006), and at the diRosa Preserve (group show, 2003).


New York University dot Masters in Public Administration
University of Wisconsin–Madison dot Bachelor of Arts
Berkeley City College dot Multimedia Arts Certificates (3)
University of California-Berkeley, Extension dot (Art and Design Program)
Atelier training with Stanley Goldstein and Sharon Pearson

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