Ukiyo-e (waterworld)
Ukiyo-e (waterworld)
Digitoms, Inc.
Digitoms, Inc.
Ma's Cuisine
Ma's Cuisine
Mega-cities (Tokyo)

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Matthew Silverberg

Professional Experience dot Artist

Ukiyo-e (Waterworld) dot Digitoms, Inc. dot Skeins dot Ma's Cuisine dot Mega-cities

I have been working on five major projects over the last decade, while maintaining my traditional practice of sketching, drawing, painting and photography. These five projects are all multiples to the degree that they represent concerted effort over the years with many ouputs. This means a lot of editing and changes as ideas alter over time. Along with these long-term projects I have also been working on two books: an instruction manual for teaching my traditional and multimedia arts courses, and my cookbook, Ma’s Cuisine. I have also been creating satiric drawings int he style of Goya and Daumier, and continue to draw and paint on a regular basis.

Project Synopses (current)

Ukiyo-e (waterworld) 2008–2018

Monotypes with digitally-enhanced color

OverviewI attended several monotype workshops at the Institute of Contemporary Art in San Jose under the guidance of the Master Printmaker Fanny Retzeck.Recently, I have added color digitally, made digital prints on archival papers, and experimented with digital projectors.

Digitoms, Inc. 2010–2018

Vector-generated Mandala-like. objects, output to a variety of media

Overview I have been making digitom doodles with Illustrator since 2004. In partnership with Russel Berg, I designed a digital game in which users create and “mate” digitoms resulting in new ones. These can be printed, or collected, or hoarded or projected or even sold. Digitom, Inc. is trademarked. Project remains in stealth-mode.

Skeins 2010–2018

Vector and photographic composite prints out

OverviewI have taught color, design, digital printmaking and many Photoshop courses for years. I have also been experimenting with vector-based color blurs, fine-line meshes and distorted and masked photographic sources. Together they are skeins—wrapped and colored pseudo-objects: textures, colors and web-like covers in a blended area.

dot exhibition history Berkeley City College, College of Marin, City College of San Francisco, Subterranean Arthouse & 4th Street Fine Art.

Ma's Cuisine 2011–2018

Artist book, memoire, cookbook, ephemera, “on-demand” publication

OverwiewYears ago I worked as a chef. I also grew up in a food-friendly family of culinary connoisseurs. Ma's Cuisine has three parts—a cookbook (representing the ethnographic culinary environment in which I grew up), a memoire of my mother's culinary influence, and an artist' book using family ephemara: snapshots, recipe cards, knick-knacks, baskets, and my paintings. It is a testimonial to memory, family, and gustatory and domestic arts.

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